Jobs and the Economy

In her first term as State Senator, Amy Galey voted for a balanced budget that raised teacher pay by 5%, cut taxes for North Carolina families, and allocated billions in important infrastructure spending. She also voted to guarantee the lowest rates on electricity for North Carolinians. Now, as we are facing new challenges that call for creative solutions, Amy is the proven leader we can trust. She’ll work to combat rising inflation and provide critical relief for families, balance the budget, and put our state on the path for continued economic growth.


Quality Education and Teacher Pay

Every child deserves a quality education, with a range of school choices to meet his or her academic needs, abilities, goals, and interests. Before becoming State Senator, Amy consistently advocated for reasonable increases in the budget for the Alamance Burlington School System while insisting on accountability. As State Senator, she voted for $1.5 billion additional funding for K-12 education, a 5% pay raise for teachers, and expanded the NC Promise program, which guarantees $500 in-state tuition per semester as participating schools. In the State Senate, Amy will continue to make attracting and retaining the best public school teachers one of her top priorities.


Second Amendment

Amy is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. She has her concealed carry permit and is a member of the NRA. As a rural resident, Amy understands the importance of the lawful ownership of firearms for hunting and personal protection.


Agricultural Preservation

As an Alamance County Commissioner, Amy has worked hard to support farmers and local agriculture. She recognizes the vital role that agriculture fills in North Carolina’s economy. Local agriculture brings many benefits to the community, including the availability of local food.

Through her work with Healthy Alamance, Amy has supported the creation and sustainability of local farmer’s markets, where producers and consumers connect. Amy has supported the farmland preservation program, which purchases development rights from farmers. She has worked with the Jordan Lake One Water Association, which seeks ways to protect water quality through conservation easements and other measures. Amy has worked with the Farm Bureau to address concerns about land use and the squeezing out of farms by residential building.